Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

essie: Resort Fling (Resort Fling 2014 Collection)

Ich dachte ja lange Zeit, ich bräuchte keinen der Lacke aus der Resort Fling Kollektion. Dann brauchte ich allerdings dringend Find Me An Oasis und jetzt fand ich auch noch spontan Resort Fling schön ;-)

Resort Fling hat sich zu meiner großen Überraschung - und Freude - als Jelly Lack herausgestellt. Ich besitze kaum Jelly Lacke und freue mich immer über neue. Der Lack ist lachsfarben mit einem Hauch rosa. Sehr frisch und sommerlich zu gebräunter Haut! Ich trage drei Schichten und hatte mit Bläschenbildung zu kämpfen. Bei Essielacken habe ich öfter mal Bläschen. Ansonsten ließ sich der Lack super auftragen und ist zügig getrocknet.
For a while I thought I wouldn't need any polish from the Resort Fling Collection. But then I had to have Find Me An Oasis and now I fell spontaneously in love with Resort Fling ;-)

To my surprise - and joy - I discovered that Resort Fling is a jelly nail polish. I own only a few jelly polishes and am always glad to add a few more to my collection. The polish is salmon with a hint of pink. Very fresh and summerlike with tanned skin! I am wearing three coats and had problems with little bubbles on the dry polish. That happens often to me with Essie polishes. Otherwise application was easy and the polish dried quickly.

Deckkraft: 2-3 Schichten
Haltbarkeit: gut
Konsistenz: geschmeidig, aber Bläschenwurf
Trockenzeit: eher schnell
Besonderheit: Jelly Lack
Bewertung: 4/5
Opacity: 2-3 coats
Durability: good
Texture: smooth, but bubbles on the dry polish
Drying time: rather short
Specific feature: jelly polish
Rating: 4/5



  1. It looks really pretty on you - it was indeed a win-win for you then: jelly and pretty LOL

  2. Die Farbe ist wirklich hübsch! :) Und sie steht dir ausgezeichnet.

    LG Lotte

  3. Also bei Tageslicht gefällt mir der Lack definitiv besser da ich das lachsfarbende sehr gerne habe . Liebe Grüße, Femi

    1. Da ich mich erst langsam an lachsfarbe herantraue, gefällt mir die Sonnenvariante besser ;)

  4. Hot weather and heavy shaking can cause bubbles. You could try to put your polish in the fridge for some minutes before using it, and wait a little after having take it out. If the problem is hot temperature this usually works. If you shake them heavy before use, maybe it could be helpful just turning them upside down a few times instead of shaking. Else, bubbling might be caused by heavy coats, by coating over a not completely dry surface or a bad formula. Since it is a jelly it is highly possible....all you need to do is doing some experiments XD
    I used to shake polishes and I came out with it by turning bottles simply upside down a few times, and in summer the fridge is a really good friend. I've also learnt to let any coats dry completely before applying a new one. I had bubble nails many times, being in a hurry or being impatient to get my mani finished =.=

    By the way, this is a great colour. I like it! And it would be perfectly matching a tanned skin. Gellies are becoming a new love if mine, they let you build the colour up and this is great <3

    1. Maybe: takeN* and Of mine*
      I hate it to use the phone to write comments =.=

    2. Thank you for the mani tips, Ilaria! I do not shake my bottles and I wait long between coats. But the heat could be a problem and I will try putting the polishes into the fridge. Thick coats tend to bubble, I have to be careful with that, too. PS: I always have problems with the small keyboard on my tablet, too ;)

  5. Ich wollte ihn erst kaufen,
    aber dann hab ich mir das Fläschchen genauer angesehen und da
    sah ich dann das er ganz schön sheer ist, nee, das habe ich dann lieber
    gelassen, aber die Farbe ist schon schön :D


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